Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Lefsa time!!! Lefsa Tutorial

As the holidays approach, the smell of spices, turkey, and LEFSA are unleashed through our home! The 40th annual lefsa party was held a little early this year. We were blessed to have four generations of women under one roof for this event. This year we wanted to make sure we got the recipe and instructions right. The hierarchy of the family may be changing soon, so we made sure that the stories and traditions of lefsa from our eldest generation was written and documented to be pass down! So, how do you make lefsa and get it so darn thin? Well, this is how the Darling/Noel/Swihart family rocks the lefsa!

5lbs of potatoes (will make about 33 rounds)
1/2 pound of butter
1 1/2 cups of flour.

Boil and drain potatoes. Add butter (oleo) while mashing. Add 1 1/2 cups of flour a little at a time. It should look like this:

Form into balls and let is rest for about ten minutes.

Roll thin, transfer round to grid and bakc. I've included many pictures of the process! Don't be afraid to use that flour. It will not make the lefsa "tough" (which is what we thought it would do)! Flour saves you hours worth of time picking sticky dough off of towels and the rolling bin stocking!
Once you rolled it as thin as possible, transfer it with the lefsa stick onto a griddle.

When cooked, store immediately under towels.

When you are ready to eat it. Cut into triangles, spread with a little butter and roll! YUM YUM!