Sunday, February 12, 2012

The ABC juice

If I were to eat this, it would take all day!  And if I were to eat this all raw...  it may take me longer than that...  so, I juiced it (inspired by John Cross's Documentary)!

2 Beets (Greens and all!)
3 Carrots
7 Chard Leaves
1 Ginger (thumb size)

Results:  I got four cups of juice, which makes a great snack in between meals (or a meal itself).  I must admit, I am not a raw beet person, so I do not think I will put it in again.  I will substitute with cucumbers and celery!

Also, it's important to note to put the chard in first.  This way, the other food will make sure the chard gets pushed through the juicer! Have Fun!

Getting Back on Track!

It's time to publicize and become accountable for getting back on track with my health!  I'm vowing to get healthier... I'm getting this pregnancy weight off, I'm going to model the benefits of regular exercise and  healthy eating habits for my kids, I'm going to feel good, and have fun while doing it!!!!!  Why do I need to announce this to the world?  Because I need the support of others to say... "Yes you can!  And I will help!"  Two role models have led me on this path... my Dad and Joe Cross's documentary, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead!"

My dad has definitely been an inspiration.  A couple months back he had a heart to heart talk with his doctor who informed him, that by changing his eating habits many of his aliments that he has been suffering from for years... (over weight, skin inflammation, aches and pains, migraines), would go away.  Since then, he has eliminated  sugar, wheat, and starch out of his life and has incorporated more vegetables, nuts, fruit, and meat. His ailments have virtually disappeared.  He's lost 40 pounds and is feeling great.

Joe Cross had similar problems that my dad did.  However, he took his eating to an extreme.  He basically "rebooted" his body for 30 days by drinking only homemade veggie juices and slowly incorporated whole food in moderation after that time.  He too, lost weight and the illnesses he was struggling with basically disappeared.

I've been saying for years that I know, "You are what you eat!" But, I never really got it. No, to watch people actually transform... I finally get it!

So, I'm taking elements of what these two people have learned and making it work for me.  I have begun to eat more veggies, and less sugar/wheat. I  have rid my kitchen of processed foods and replace them with fruits, veggies, and meats that I can get locally or grow/raise myself.   I have started to  juice...  (otherwise, I will be eating veggies none stop... all day) once or twice a day.  I run twice a week for 30 minute (I hope to increase this in the future.)  And now....  I am going to post my recipes so that I have a place to not only log my craft and gardening projects, but to log a healthy lifestyle as well!

For me, this is not about weigh lose, but about being healthy...  making my body  run as efficiently as possible so that I can watch my children's children grow up, have a lifetime of memories with the people I love, and maybe even inspire others, as I have been inspired by these two gentleman!