Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying goodbye to 2010

Every year I do the same thing...  reflect on my accomplishments and challenges of the year and ponder the future.  This usually means the making of lists.  I love lists!  I usually focus on personal goals such as hiking a 15 mile path or starting my craft business.  There are even more simple things such as learning how to make pasta, finding time to read more.... finding the time to write more.  So, looking over last years lists, I find it very interesting that many of the things I never get to (making winter clothes for those that need them, organize a garage sale and give the proceeds to a cause) continuously show up on the following years list. Why?   You can say, "I'm just to busy." But that is silly....  dreams and hopes are life...  Again, it comes back to priorities (at least for me).  Spending to much time doing the things that does not bring me, my family, my community in the for front.  Spending to much time on my own personal worries and fears.  Hum...  maybe.  Well, whatever the reason...  How will I get this years goals to "stick?" That is a very good question...  something I have time to think about... well, at least until tomorrow.  So, saying goodbye to an interesting 2010, and welcoming a great 2011!

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