Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cold Process Soap: Alternatives to Water, What NOT to do!

Another wonderful experiment with cold process soap!  This time, I wanted to try to substitute water for another liquid in my soap.  I have had much success with beer.  So I thought, why not use apple juice using the apples from my tree (how full circle of me!)

Well, let me tell you a little secret... it was NOT a smart idea!  Thank god I had on gloves and goggles!
So, this is what happens to the lye solution when adding lye to juice:

...  it turns to sludge... in seconds....  it's called pectin ... Boy, did I learn my lesson!
So,  I disposed of the lye solution properly by waiting for it to cool, and transfered it into plastic bags  to throw away.  Then I tried it again... this time I dissolved all of the lye into half of the amount of water I normally use, and used the other "half" for the apple juice.  The key is to add the apple juice to your oils and lye just before you pore it into your molds.  Then it turns into something like this:

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