Sunday, February 12, 2012

The ABC juice

If I were to eat this, it would take all day!  And if I were to eat this all raw...  it may take me longer than that...  so, I juiced it (inspired by John Cross's Documentary)!

2 Beets (Greens and all!)
3 Carrots
7 Chard Leaves
1 Ginger (thumb size)

Results:  I got four cups of juice, which makes a great snack in between meals (or a meal itself).  I must admit, I am not a raw beet person, so I do not think I will put it in again.  I will substitute with cucumbers and celery!

Also, it's important to note to put the chard in first.  This way, the other food will make sure the chard gets pushed through the juicer! Have Fun!

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