Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Family Fun- Tennessee Valley

With easy access from HWY. 101, and minimal competition from the Mt. Tam / Stinson bound drivers, the Tennessee Valley was just what the Swihart family needed.  Tennessee Valley Road (located off of the Mill Valley/ HWY. 1 Exit) led us straight to the parking lot, where we began our adventure.  With the little one strapped to Dad's back, and a 4 yr. old being pushed in the "BOB," we found the 1.7 mile trail to Tennessee Beach to be fairly level...  and half of this distance paved!  Despite the fact that we could only use two of the three wheels of our stroller ( we love slow leaks!!!), we recommend the Lower Valley Trail, when you come to the fork, as the Upper Trail has many hills.  Though narrower than the Upper, the Lower Trail offers a flat surface to hall your goodies, and provides an up close and personal encounter with various native grasses and plants.  Eventually, you meet up with the Upper Trail, finishing your hike to the beach!  Also important to note:  There are no bathrooms once you get to the beach.    So for the kids, make sure they visit the restroom (located in the parking lot) prior to departure!!!!!

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