Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blocked Chakra

Three years later... and I'm back.  Why?  Apparently my third chakra (my throat chakra) is blocked.  I've been getting migraines everyday for the past three weeks.  Sometimes twice a day.  I went to my doctor and was given narcotics to rid the pain.  But, I'm not a narcotics girl, so I went to my massage therapist, Ranjot. It was he, that told me I had a lot going on around my 'third eye' (which is not a zit in the middle of your forehead.) Don’t worry; this chakra thing is new to me too!)  In other words, I am thinking A LOT and my throat charka is blocked, which means I'm not talking about whatever I'm thinking about.  So hence, I'm going to start talking about it, by starting to blog again (as opposed to spending money on a therapist.)   I know I have another blog, but I think my 'randomalyson' thoughts are not what people want to read on a beer soap blog.  So, as this blog name suggests, this will be reserved for my random thoughts... Now that I have compartmentalized everything, I'm feeling better already.

Ranjot, the amazing, gave me the following strategies to unblock my Chakra:

1) Talk about worries/thoughts
2) Meditate daily (this even means reciting a mantra over again. "This is Me-time, enjoy it!  This is Me-time, enjoy it! This is Me-time, enjoy it!")
3) Ground yourself by walking barefoot on lawn, grass, anything not man-made!
4) Visualize: Breath out the bad, breathe in the good.

So what did I choose:  I combined some strategies.  I ripped out a 10 X16 ft area of brick (manmade), which got me breathing heavily. I may not of been visualizing out with the bad, in with the good...  but I did seem to work something out...  

Well, see how my third eye took it!!!!  

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